Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Battle of Truro Has Begun

The ACNA parish of Truro playing nice with the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has long been an issue in the background.  Now it has become an issue front and center in ACNA with the formation of the Truro Institute, “A School of Peace and Reconciliation”.

Excuse me.  I had to go vomit there.  For we know what “peace and reconciliation” looks like in The Episcopal Church.  And look further at the mission of the Truro Institute -- to “work with seminarians and other young people to seed our respective denominations with a new generation of peace makers.”

Thanks, but no thanks.  The last thing the Anglican Church in North American needs is to be seeded with “peace makers” from The Episcopal Church.

ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach, to his credit, has wasted no time in issuing a frank statement about this school:

I have only recently been made aware of the “Truro Institute,” described as “A School of Peace and Reconciliation” which is proposed to be jointly led by Truro Anglican Church, Fairfax, VA, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

The idea of a School of Peace and Reconciliation is to be commended. I would welcome the opening of centers with this focus around the Anglican Church in North America if they promote Biblical reconciliation.  Unfortunately, the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has not been reconciled with the revealed Word of God, and is therefore not an appropriate partner for such a project. Their leadership continues to promote teaching and practice that is contrary to Scripture —teaching that, if followed, would keep people from an eternal inheritance in the Kingdom of God, teaching that has torn the fabric of the Anglican Communion, and teaching that remains a scandal in the Anglican Communion to this day. Therefore, until there is repentance by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, there can be no true Gospel partnership with them.

Bishop Guernsey and I had both made this clear to the leadership of Truro. I have been amazed at the godly counsel, patience, and goodness of Bishop Guernsey in these discussions. I am disappointed that they have not just ignored, but defied our counsel. In doing so they have entered into a legal relationship with the Episcopal Church that makes them unequally yoked. It requires the permission of the Episcopal bishop for me to visit, and it creates an Episcopal Diocese of Virginia center of ministry with a required on-campus presence of one of their bishops. The decision to partner with the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia in this way is not in harmony with the Bible’s instruction in dealing with false teachers, and it denigrates the costly sacrifice of the many congregations who had their buildings and assets taken by the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

It is ironic to begin a “Peace and Reconciliation” center when you are not at peace with your own bishop and archbishop. Truro has been a leader in the renewal of North American Anglicanism, giving a robust defense of the Gospel, and refusing to peddle any counterfeit. It is my hope that they will uphold that heritage, resist counterfeit versions of “reconciliation,” and fulfill their calling among the leading congregations of the Anglican Church in North America.

A good statement indeed that sets forth just how serious a situation this is.  But further measures will surely be necessary and that probably soon lest the Provincial Assembly this summer become that much more *interesting*.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Queen’s Maundy

Today, The Queen once again celebrated the wonderful English tradition of the Sovereign distributing the Maundy.  This year it occurred at Leicester Cathedral.  The Daily Mail has the usual abundance of photos and some interesting history.

The 90-year-old monarch traditionally hands two purses - one white and one red - to each person during the service. The red purse contains a £5 coin, commemorating the Centenary of the House of Windsor and a 50p coin commemorating Sir Isaac Newton. 

The white purse will contain uniquely minted Maundy coins, equating in pence to her age, as Her Majesty prepares to celebrate her 91st birthday on April 21. The coins, a ceremonial gift from the Sovereign, are legal tender but recipients normally prefer to retain them as a keepsake.

I imagine they do!  I’ve wondered what a special occasion it must be for those few who get to receive the Maundy.

The first monarch to take part in a Maundy Thursday service was King John, of Magna Carta and Robin Hood fame, who distributed gifts of clothes and money to the poor in Knaresborough in 1210. John was also the first to present the poor with silver coins and is recorded as having done so in Rochester in 1213. 

There’s much more interesting history at the link.  Do go read and gaze for yourself.  And have blessed Maundy Thursday.

Monday, April 10, 2017

When I First Knew Something Was Wrong With Pope Francis

By now traditional Catholics know too well that Pope Francis is dreadful in too many ways.  Not to brag – one would rather be wrong about such things – but I knew very early on there was something wrong with him.  How?

His first Easter Vigil was less than three weeks after he became Pope.  It would have been logical that he’d just go with Benedict’s excellent liturgy.  Instead, Francis shortened it.

Francis processed into a darkened and silent Saint Peter's Basilica at the start of the service, in which the faithful recall the period between Christ's crucifixion on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter Sunday.

One of the most dramatic moments of the Easter Vigil service that usually follows - when the pope would share the light of his candle with others until the entire basilica twinkled - was shortened this year as were some of the Old Testament readings.

The Vatican has said these provisions were in keeping with Francis' aim to not have his Masses go on too long.

Thus, early on, Francis showed his utter lack of sound priorities.  The Easter Vigil is not a service one cuts short.  For one thing, part of the drama of it is its deliberate pace.  In the primitive church, it could go all night.  And so early in his papacy didn’t he have better things to do than chop up the Easter Vigil?

But Francis rushes in and starts undoing the excellent liturgy of the best liturgical Pope of our lifetimes. 

Yes, it was then that I already knew something was wrong with Francis.

I pray my Roman Catholic friends have a blessed Holy Week and Easter anyway.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Why We Are So Divided

Daniel Greenfield has written one of the better explanations I’ve seen of why we are so divided as a country.  In short, the Left has taken over the Democrat Party and is refusing to submit to the Constitutional Rule of Law.  And that includes attacking the Constitutional freedoms of opponents, of which the violent attacks on Trump rallies and right-of-center speaking engagements are only the tip of the iceberg.  One can hardly be unified with those trying to attack and enslave you.

Some highlights of Greenfield’s piece:

Political conflicts become civil wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority. The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn’t control.

The left has rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans. It has rejected the judicial authority of the Supreme Court when it decisions don’t accord with its agenda. It rejects the legislative authority of Congress when it is not dominated by the left.

It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning….

There is no form of legal authority that the left accepts as a permanent institution. It only utilizes forms of authority selectively when it controls them. But when government officials refuse the orders of the duly elected government because their allegiance is to an ideology whose agenda is in conflict with the President and Congress, that’s not activism, protest, politics or civil disobedience; it’s treason.

Exactly.  Today’s Left only submits to Constitutional democracy when they win.  And when they win, they work to tear down Constitutional democracy.  

We can have a system of government based around the Constitution with democratically elected representatives. Or we can have one based on the ideological principles of the left in which all laws and processes, including elections and the Constitution, are fig leaves for enforcing social justice.

But we cannot have both.

Now I do not think we are headed towards a shooting civil war.  But I do think the only good way in front of us to deal with our current divisions is the complete and virtually permanent defeat of the Left. (Another tolerable possibility is a national divorce as Ace has advocated from time to time.  But that appears unlikely.) For it is not just policy differences at stake.  Our Constitutional freedoms are at stake.  We must defend them and defeat their enemies.  Yes, today’s Democrat Party is among the enemies.

The left is a treasonous movement. The Democrats became a treasonous organization when they fell under the sway of a movement that rejects our system of government, its laws and its elections.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Multiculturalism Kills

Multiculturalism, the delusion that all cultures are more or less morally equivalent and are to be welcomed, has once again been proven a deadly delusion.

My prayers are with the victims of the Westminster terrorist attack and with their friends and families.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Gavin Ashenden on the Philip North Affair

Studies and other responsibilities continue to restrain my blogging.  But I must direct your attention to two excellent posts on the Philip North withdrawal and its aftermath from Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden, former Chaplain to the Queen.  The Ashes of Cranmer has graciously hosted both posts here and here.

A segment from the second post stands out.  I will excerpt it and run:

The three-card trick that Professor Percy [The Dean of Christ Church Oxford who led the attack on North] and his cultural fellow-travellers play is to refuse to exclude anyone except those who don’t agree with them. You only get to be included in the equality stakes once you have accepted their moral and political presuppositions. So, of course, they do actually discriminate between anyone who shares their basic world view and those who don’t.

They pretend they are relativists by claiming that all views are equally legitimate, but become absolutists if you challenge their relativism. In other words, their ideas of equality and relativism are actually practised by placing their value above those who disagree with them, and discriminating against anyone who has the audacity and moral turpitude to dissent.

Meanwhile, they claim the higher moral ground by pretending to be something that they are not – outlawing discrimination while practising it.

This is, of course, hypocrisy – that is, saying one thing while doing another.

What happens when the hypocrisy is challenged, as with the attempt to include a bishop who embodies an older more traditional view in an inclusive non-discriminatory Church?

Well, we just saw what happens, haven’t we?

And, yes, Justin Welby is still silent about it.

Friday, March 10, 2017

++York Decries Attacks on Philip North UPDATED

In the aftermath of Bishop Philip North’s decision to withdraw from consideration for the See of Sheffield, the Archbishop of York’s statement stands out.

He is frank, to say the least:

…What has happened to Bishop Philip clearly does not reflect the settlement under which, two and a half years ago, the Church of England joyfully and decisively opened up all orders of ministry to men and women. It also made a commitment to mutual flourishing: that those who on grounds of theological conviction, are unable to receive the ministry of women bishops or priests, will continue to be within the spectrum of teaching and tradition of the Anglican Communion, the Church of England remains committed to enabling them to flourish within its life and structures; and pastoral and sacramental provision for the minority within the Church of England will be made without specifying a limit of time and in a way that maintains the highest possible degree of communion and contribute to mutual flourishing across the whole Church of England.’

There will be continuing debate in the coming days and weeks of lessons to be learned, how that learning might inform and inspire us to act as a Church in our dealings with one another and how, when we disagree, to disagree Christianly, remembering at all times that our identity is in Christ alone.

It is now time – during this season of Lent - that the Church spends time in penitence, repentance and reflection. If we are serious about our commitment to loving one another and to mutual flourishing within the Body of Christ, there must now be time for us all to reflect and recognise in Bishop Philip’s own words The highly individualised nature of the attacks upon me have been hard. If as Christians we cannot relate to each other within the bounds of love, how can we possibly presume to transform a nation in the name of Christ?  I hope though that this conversation can continue in future without it being hung upon the shoulders of one individual. I agree with him entirely.

I think this is about as close as an Anglican archbishop gets to being angry in an official statement. 

Although he does not use the term, what ++ York is decrying is the con game of Bait-and-Switch libchurchers play oh so well.  They promise tolerance, space, and “mutual flourishing” to those who disagree with their innovations.  But once they lie to get their way and have enough power, libchurchers throttle the orthodox faithful.  Oh, those mossback orthodox laity are fine as long as they keep the money coming.  But if one of those bigots try to become a diocesan bishop…. 

And, of course, the day will come when traditionalists won’t be able to become any kind of bishop.  Then they won’t be able to become priests.  We’ve seen this sort of thing in the Episcopal Church already.

So far, there is no statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Where’s the “radical inclusion,” Your Grace?

Susie Leafe, Director of Reform has issued a brilliant statement that also calls out Bait-and-Switch:

I have lost count of the number of times conservatives have been asked to trust that we can flourish in the Church of England, but without solid evidence that there is an equal future for conservatives in the Church of England (beyond that of dhimmitude) it becomes harder and harder to convince talented young men and women to offer themselves to serve in this denomination or to persuade congregations to continue to finance the work.

And still no statement from Justin Welby.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Diocese of Sheffield – Traditionalists Need Not Apply

I make a point to calm down when genuinely angry before posting.  So you should have seen the first draft of this post.   The main change I make now is I do not invite certain people and jurisdictions to suffer perdition.

I am beyond disgusted with the Church of England after hearing the sad news that the good Rt. Rev. Philip North is withdrawing under pressure from consideration for the bishopric of the Diocese of Sheffield.

Rev. North is an excellent priest well thought of by a wide spectrum of Anglicans.  Without divulging private communications, I know of UK Anglicans of decidedly more liberal bent than this blogger who are very upset today.

North’s crime?  Although making very clear his willingness to respect and fully work with women clergy, he had a traditional viewpoint on that question.  For that, the “Modern Church” and feminazi crowd among others blackballed him.  And that although a number of women clergy supported him.

The Dean of Christ Church Oxford led the charge against him.  But now he’s written a letter to Rev. North. How nice.

I’ve let the Dean know what I think of that.

Christ Church is a place in which I heard Hiroshima equated with Auschwitz in a Remembrance Sunday sermon.  But its Dean has scruples and lectures about a traditionalist becoming a diocesan bishop.  Even Satan doesn’t deserve to put with a prat like that.

Looking beyond a good man done wrong by villains, the Church of England is more and more becoming a jurisdiction in which traditionalists need not apply.  That became that much more clear today.  Those libchurchers cheerleading that should be made aware that this situation makes a church split more likely and more massive.  But perhaps they would secretly like that.  For all their talk through the years of “inclusion,” they actually hate real inclusion.

They should also be aware that two can play this game.  Traditionalists have done their reasonable best to go along to get along.  The reasons to continue so doing have just become fewer.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Democrat Coup Continued

The real story behind the attacks on Jeff Sessions is the continued Democrat coup attempt, which began well before the Inauguration.  And Obama and his lackeys are behind this coup.

Mark Levin is on this.  As is Ace.  For one thing:

Obama, on his way out the door, radically changed NSA rules to allow them to share unredacted surveillance information while preserving the names of people (US citizens) it's illegal for the US to spy on without a warrant. This is a change of practice-- the NSA used to have to scrub out the names of US personnel it's not permitted to eavesdrop on.

This running roughshod over privacy in order to get political opponents is something that should concern people across the political spectrum.  But Leftists and DemocRATS are silent.

I wish I could say more and this, about Obama setting up his shadow White House in D. C. and more.  But the study of the 39 Articles controls me.  Nonetheless Levin and Ace will get you off to a very good start on what is going on.  The Democrat Coup is ongoing for all to see who want to see.

And also remember: DemocRATS lie.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Family Christian Stores Closing

As busy as I am with studies and a sermon this Sunday (Sorry I haven’t been blogging.), I cannot let pass that Family Christian Stores is closing.  And by closing, I mean all of their stores are closing.

I haven’t been in a Family Christian Store for years.  One near by closed some time back.  But I was very familiar with them in the early 2000’s as I promoting my first book.  As both a customer and an author, I saw they had serious problems.  Don’t get me even started on one manager I had to deal with at two stores.  He was lazy and treated authors horribly.

As for their merchandise, at too many FCS stores, most of it was junk.  I would follow the late, great Keith Green and call it Jesus Junk, but so much of it either had little to do with Jesus or was downright heretical.  It was just junk.

Now perhaps they improved their franchise later, but it was too late.  Hastings suffered that fate.  Once boring, they became a great place to visit and shop, but went bankrupt and closed anyway.  I always liked Borders, but they went bust years ago.  Amazon has devoured much of the brick-and-mortar retail business, good stores and bad.

Anyway, Family Christian Stores used to be an important part of evangelical culture for good or for ill.  And now, they will soon be gone.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

This Coup Against Democracy Must Be Stopped

I will have to keep this short, and this may be unpolished.  This topic is big, but my time is limited.

But it must be noted that the attempted coup against our democracy that began with protests against the results of a free and fair election, then continued with attacks on the Electoral College, continues still.  While Senate Democrats make it as difficult as never before in modern history for Trump to put his people in place, while fed judges are trying to take over immigration and national security, Obama/Establishment holdovers are criminally leaking and undermining the President we elected.  It is borderline treason against democracy.

And this is an attack on our democracy more than it is against Trump.  DemocRATS and Establishment Republicans would not have us rule ourselves under the Constitution.  They shall rule us whether by democratic means or not . . . or else. . . .

We did not choose correctly in the past election.  So they are undermining that choice by means legal and illegal, political and criminal.

And before you write off my concerns as fever swamp rants, John Podhoretz of all people is alarmed by the brazen attacks on Trump and what they may lead to.

The result might well be violence. Not rhetorical violence. Actual violence. Actual political violence. Actual conflicts between anti-Trumpers and Trumpers. At demonstrations. In the streets. Of our cities. Political violence of a sort we haven’t seen in 50 years, and maybe haven't really seen in this country in the modern era. Those who believe Trump is a unique menace whose threat to our democratic way of life will be met with those who believe the elites are using illicit means to oust the legitimately elected president of the United States.

And Lefty Democrat (though one I respect) Dennis Kucinich is also warning about attacks from the Deep State.

For the sake of our democracy, Trump must “drain the swamp” of backstabbers, traitors and criminals.  And it is becoming clear he must do that fast.  There needs to be mass firings.  If there is anyone in the bureaucracy Trump does not have reason to trust who can be fired, they should be out, now.  Those who cannot be fired due to our absurd civil service laws should be reassigned to windowless rooms without computers.

Further, there should be perp walks.  I want to see at least two or three perp walks a week to put fear into would-be traitors.  Obama’s criminals especially have never had a price to pay and think they never will.  That must stop.  There must finally be a measure of justice.  Lock Them Up!

Whether you agree with my prescription or not, do not put your head in the sand.  It is not just Trump who is under attack.  Our constitutional democracy, our right to rule ourselves, is under attack from within.

Friday, February 10, 2017

So World Relief and an ACNA Bishop Are “Deeply Concerned”

World Relief continues its increasingly liberal political ways by taking out a full-page ad in the Washington Post expressing deep, deep concern about Trump pulling back on the import of those lovely refugees until it can be determined how to better vet them to make sure they really are all that lovely.  Trump is so mean!

Now on its face, the open letter is not that objectionable.  Yes, we should be concerned about genuine refugees.  Certainly, we should pray for God to grant our leaders wisdom.

So I am not going to assume motives behind this letter and those who signed it.  But I will vent a bit on what this open letter smells like.  World Relief and Co are “deeply concerned”?  Well, I’m going to express my deep, deep concern, too.

And what this letter smells like is a passive-aggressive attack on Trump’s attempts to protect us.  That “concerned” line at the beginning is a tip-off.  If a modern evangelical leader ever tells you he is “concerned” about you, watch your back!  I certainly can remember being fed that line while I was being stabbed in the back one unhappy occasion.  I was na├»ve back then.  Experiences with certain evangelical churchly bureaucrats make me slightly cynical now.  Yes, I admit it.

Oh, but World Relief and company are not just “concerned,” they are “deeply concerned.”  Heck, you better pray that getting stabbed in the back is all that happens.

The whole letter smells like weasel words to indulge in political attack while retaining the pretense that they aren’t getting involved in partisan politics at all.  They are just expressing Christian “concern.”

Where was all this concern when terrorists and rapeugees were invading and attacking Europe and beginning to invade and attack us with the help of Obama?

So excuse me if this cynic is not buying World Relief’s “concern” now.  It smells like the usual enabling of invaders who would make us less safe, not to mention less American – liberal enabling dressed up in polyester leisure suits or whatever evangelical leaders wear now.  (They never did know how to dress.)

Maybe it would be better to stuff all the posturing concern, complete with full page ads in the Washington Post, and stick to being a supposedly Christian relief agency.  What a novel idea!  Surely that is a better use of donations . . . and less likely to drive donors away.  And, yes, I would not be shocked at all if donations to World Relief now decrease.

But I can be dreadfully practical and downright hard-hearted about such things.  It seems to be really compassionate, you have to posture in full page ads.  I admit I lack such compassion.

As for ACNA Bishop Stewart Ruch, who signed this with “Anglican Church in North America” under his name, I will be slightly more gracious and assume the best of motives.  He certainly does have a record of reaching out to refugees and deserves said assumption.  But his signature as a bishop of ACNA is nonetheless a highly questionable use of his position.

Further, it takes us a step closer to open division in ACNA over immigration and refugees, a danger of which I have already warned.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Assaulting freedom of speech is a crime and should be treated as such.

Speaking of the instapundit, Glenn Reynolds has an excellent column up at USA Today.  He addresses attacks on free speech, particularly on college campuses.  And he suggests possible legal remedies.

Do read the whole thing – it’s not long – but I cannot let pass the clever beginning:

They told me if Donald Trump were elected, voices of dissent would be shut down by fascist mobs. And they were right!

Back to the Books

I hope you have been edified or at least amused by my increase in blogging the past month or so.

But I am scheduled to start another course next week and want to get some things done before then.  So I think I need to go back to limited blogging.  Perhaps I will post instapundit style.

By the way, my allergies finally cleared up well this weekend.  Thanks for all prayers.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Obama, Berkeley and Violent Attacks on Free Speech

Events in Berkeley two nights ago and NYU last night beg the question: when will Obama and other Leftist Democrats denounce violent attacks on free speech?

A few days ago, Obama said he was “heartened” by anti-Trump “protests” on immigration.  Let that sink in.  A corrupt Leftist former President, less than two weeks after a freely elected President is sworn in, encourages protests against the new President.

Is this America or a banana republic?

And Obama issued his statement after anti-Trump “protests” had already turned towards violence and attacking the rights of others, including blocking traffic.

Now that Leftist violence is escalating and is cheerleaded by numerous other Leftists, including Florida DemocRAT Congresswomen Val Demings, will Obama use his position for good for a change and step up and denounce violent riots and attacks on free speech?

. . . .

I’m waiting.  But I think I better not hold my breath.

NOTE: Speaking of breath, I am having an especially nasty allergy attack.  I hope it has not affected this post.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

New Totalitarians in Action at Berkeley

Some may have thought me overwrought in the past in contending there is a deep totalitarian streak in today’s Leftists.  And maybe you’ve thought I’ve been too worked up when I’ve posted that campus totalitarian attacks on free speech demand that universities that do not defend free speech be stripped of federal funds.

But last night’s events at U. C. Berkeley practically made my arguments for me.  And guess who has gotten the message:

I lack time and energy at the moment, but is suffices to say the conduct by Leftists last night demands justice.  I find the following especially intolerable:

If there are not mass expulsions, then government should finally step in and defend free speech on campus.  No free speech?  No fed funds.

By the way, Fox Business is reporting at the moment that there have been no arrests.  None.  Disgusting if that is even close to accurate.

Which leads to an even bigger issue, violent "protest", really attacks and riots, including shutting down highways, must be punished severely.  Leftists must be made to understand that we respect their freedoms, but they damn well better start respecting ours or else.

Monday, January 30, 2017

ACNA at Risk Over Immigration

Those who have long followed this blog know how well disposed I am towards the Anglican Church in North America.  With rejoicing, I attended the Assembly at which ACNA was born back in June 2009.  I also supported the Reformed Episcopal Church joining ACNA.

So this post should be taken as an alarm call rather than an attack.  And I am alarmed that ACNA is at risk of getting out of balanced and divided over issues of immigration and refugees.  Veering beyond compassion and the Gospel into divisive politics is a particular danger at the moment.

Granted, Archbishop Foley Beach’s statement over the weekend is timely, helpful and balanced, particularly where he states:

In our province we also have lawmakers who face a different, but related set of challenging moral issues.  As public servants, they are called to carefully discern how best to respond to the global humanitarian need while also maintaining the appropriate role of government in protecting its citizens. There are no easy answers to how our nations should balance these priorities, and our leaders need your prayers.

I find needful his acknowledgement that government has an important role in protecting its citizens.  And saying “there are no easy answers” is certainly a succinct way of saying there are no easy political answers.

But, earlier, he understandably leaves something out in the statement in praising the Anglican Immigrant Initiative:

They have taken the lead in caring for those in our communities who are refugees and immigrants, showing the love of Christ to the most vulnerable.

This week, I encourage you to follow their example, and make a special effort to reach out to refugees and immigrants in your local community. 

Does that reaching out include their emphasis on legal aid to immigrants? The Anglican Immigrant Initiative site places much emphasis on legal aid.  Does that legal aid serve to make it more difficult to deport illegals who should not be here in the first place?  Is that an appropriate role for the church? Again, if Abp. Foley wishes to keep his counsel on this sensitive area private, that is understandable.

Back to the bigger picture, ACNA needs to tread carefully.  Many of us in ACNA fled denominations that had become the Democrat Party at prayer, that had habitually presumed to push Liberal/Left political policies in the name of Jesus and of his church, thereby abusing the Holy Name as well as those many in the pews who disagreed. I know I was long ago fed up with that sort of thing and am not at all of a mind ever to put up with it again.  If ACNA appears likewise to follow the primrose path of espousing liberal political policies, especially on such a volatile issue as immigration, there may be an explosion from the rank and file and division within the church.

And ACNA is perilously close to doing so.  Already, its relief arm, the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF), has partnered with World Relief on immigration and refugees.  And World Relief is not shy about opposing President Trump’s policies in this area.  We already have ACNA clergy (Thankfully not any bishops that I’ve noticed.) crusading on immigration and refugees with little regard to church unity.  This post over at The Old Jamestown Church and a current perusal of the public ACNA Facebook page give a flavor of that and resulting unhappiness.

I may revisit this topic.  But I will cut this post short in part because I hesitate to speculate what could ignite this situation into more widespread and open division.  But it is safe to say ACNA and its bishops must tread carefully.

Note: I am having trouble with blogger formatting again.  My apologies for any annoyance.